Hire me as your content marketing consultant

Dide Daniel

Hi, I’m Dide Daniel

I’m a content marketing consultant and copywriter for hire.

… which means – when I take on content marketing projects, I care more about the business results (sales) I get for my clients… much more than the amount of website traffic sessions, content, or the mere ‘shiny’ words on the page.

My goal is to bring in more readers, subscribers, and customers to my client’s businesses every month.

Scale Your Content

I use data-driven content strategy & implementation practices to tell business stories and capture several opportunities to answer prospects’ questions

Get More Quality Backlinks

I use in-depth market research and personal outreach that continuously drive leads to clients’ websites from high-quality brands and platforms

Boost Your Domain Authority

I help clients delight quality prospects, while also signaling to search engines, about what their business is great at

Grow Your Traffic

I use proven SEO strategies to not only generate traffic or leads, but conversions and sales

Before you fill out the form below, please note that successful content marketing needs resources and time.

So, let’s talk if you have:

  • $5,000 monthly budget (minimum)
  • 3 months (minimum) to build, and watch things grow

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