Hello! A little bit about this blog

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to be doing this, and to be sharing my experiences (successes and mistakes) with you, my dear reader. I’ve always wanted to learn a lot more about personal finance, especially how to make more informed decisions on how to make and master money.

I’m 27 years old, married with no kids (as of now). In between us both, we have $90,000 in student loans. We don’t have a house yet (we rent), and we share a car that has been fully paid off. We met in graduate school, and (right now), we’re still in graduate school, and would be here say for the next 2-3 years. One area where we’ve done really well is in our credit card payments. Before R and I met, I’ve always been very committed to making sure I don’t spend beyond my means. I pay the full credit balance every month, and even though life in graduate school has been demanding, I made sure to find the time to cross-check my expenses and bills, so I don’t get surprises or get charged for late fees. Before we met, R has always been skeptical about the benefits of using a credit card, and she only got one few years ago. She has also been diligent with her credit card bills and payments.

While in graduate school, even though I was earning ~ $20,000 a month, I made sure to only pay for the bare essentials I needed – rent, groceries, home upkeep – and not put anything on my credit card that I didn’t absolutely NEED.

I grew up in Nigeria, where I got my undergraduate degree in engineering, and came to the U.S. for graduate school (also in engineering). I have just completed my MS engineering degree couple months ago, and am now enrolled in my school’s MBA program. R is getting a PhD in the sciences.

I am starting this blog because I’ve always enjoyed having clarity in every area of my life. I consume A LOT of personal finance content – articles, videos, stories – from blogs, YouTube channels, and popular sites (like CNBC and Market Watch). The more I consume, the more I realize that personal finance (making and mastering money) is not so much a goal that you reach and call it quits. I realize it’s a journey – a marathon, not a sprint.

By creating my own personal finance blog, I will be able to get better clarity about my personal finance journey and keep track of what I’m learning. I’m so excited to share those insights with you (my dear reader), and learn from your experiences too, as we go on this personal finance journey together.

On this blog, I’ll be focused on ways in which I’m saving money, making money, and investing that money.


And thank you for reading!

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