Need Money Now? Here Are 8 Legitimate Ways to Get Cash, Fast!

Have you ever being in a position where you could desperately use some fast cash?

Don’t fret – there are many ways for you to get that much-needed money quickly – if you know where to look.

And yes, every option we’ll be talking about here are legit and peaceful ways to get that quick cash.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to get money now.

Something Just Came Up And I Need Money Now

If you just had an unexpected expense come up and you need that money ASAP, there are lots of ways to get that much-needed cash rolling in.

1. Sell Things on Facebook Marketplace

One of the best ways to start making fast money is to start with the things you already have. See what you have at home that you can easily sell. It’s one of the best ways to make quick money without buying anything new or learning a new skill.

Even more, you won’t need to learn how to market your product, because thousands of buyers are practically looking on the Facebook Marketplace to buy what you have to sell.

If you’re thinking, ‘this sounds good’, but what can I sell? Good question. And my answer to that is: a lot more than you think.

Start with things that are currently taking up space in your home. I’m talking couches, desks, chairs, furniture, electronics, used laptops/tablets/appliances, TV, mattresses, or even phones.

Another good place to look is your garage: if you’ve been thinking of cleaning up your garage and freeing up more space in there, then, most likely, you have stuff in that garage (like old bikes, gardening tools, or repair equipment) that you shouldn’t just throw away.

Those are the exact things you could sell on Facebook Marketplace – for quick cash and a better, more conducive space in your home.

Why Facebook Marketplace?

Because Facebook Marketplace is, by far, one of the best websites that not only have a lot of ready buyers looking, but it’s local to you.

Also, you don’t get charged any fees for listing your items on there, which you can’t say about many other marketplaces.

Things sell so fast on there, and you won’t know unless you try it. To start, go to Facebook Marketplace and see the prices people are asking for the kinds of items you wish to sell. Then, list your items, take nice pictures, and price accordingly.

2. Rent Out A Room In Your House

Do you have a room (or a house full of rooms) that you are not presently using? If so, that’s a huge opportunity right there for you to start earning fast cash with it.

If not, think about how much space you really need in your house, and if it’s possible to declutter some rooms there, so you can rent it out for cash.

Also, think about the bills you pay for – electricity, internet, sewage, water, etc. Having someone rent your room(s) will not only give you fast and extra cash, but also help you spread out those costs to the renter.

Depending on the costs of living where you live, you can charge anywhere from $150 per room to $450 or $500 per month, all at no extra cost to you.

Even more? There are many websites today that relieves you the stress of finding people to rent out your room to.

The first one is Vacasa: Vacasa is a vacation rental management company. With vacation being a year-round adventure for a lot of people, you can simply rent out your home on Vacasa, so you can host people when they go on a vacation.

What if you’re not looking to rent out your entire home? Then you can use VRBO or Airbnb.

VRBO is a rental marketplace that connects renters and owners. VRBO currently has over 2 million rental listings spread across the world, which means renters are always on the look-out for a place to live in and pay rents for.

On VRBO, you can list your short term rental, cabin, house, or condo for renters. With VRBO, you only get charged a fee per rental, rather than being charged by annual fees.

The third option is Airbnb. With Airbnb, you’re basically providing accommodation to travelers who want the ‘homely’ feel that they simply won’t get with a traditional hotel.

With Airbnb, you have several options to choose from: you can rent out a room in your house (think: your basement, extra room), a shared room or open space, or your entire home.

On Airbnb, there are no fees to list your property but you pay a 3% fee when someone makes a booking for your rental.

3. Use Cash Back Apps

Cashback apps give you free money for the things that you buy. You open up the app, choose the things you want to buy, buy the items, upload your receipts, and bam… you get free cash back.

You simply link your credit card to a website or app, make purchases, and then you start getting cash back.

You get credits when you buy from your favorite brands (like Target, Walmart, etc.). The companies running the cashback apps are often partners with businesses who want to encourage your buying habits, and reward you for making those purchases.

Basically, using a cash back app is a nice way to get quick money, with little or no extra effort. Plus, you’re earning money on items you’ll buy and use anyway. So cool.

Here are my top six cashback apps that you can start using today:

4. Refinance Your Debts

Are you concerned about the high interest rates on your student loan, mortgage, or other types of debts? Then refinancing might be a great way to earn lots of cash – up to tens of thousands of dollars – on your loans.

When you refinance, you’re simply moving your existing loans from your lender to a new lender. The new lender often times have better rates and loan terms and, ideally, will help you consolidate your loans in one place.

Refinancing helps you in three major ways:

  1. It helps you consolidate your monthly loan payments
  2. You can lower your monthly payments by getting a better, lower interest rate
  3. You save a lot more cash over time, which you can invest or put away towards your savings

So how exactly does refinancing work? Say, for example, you have two student loans – one federal and the other private. You have $45,000 for the federal loan at 4.3% APR interest rate for a standard repayment plan of 10 years. Then, you have $27,000 in private loan at 8.2% APR interest rate due in 7 years.

In that case:

  • For the federal loan: you’ll pay $462 per month in principal and interest on your loan for a total amount of $55,440
  • For the private loan: you’ll pay $424 per month in principal and interest on the loan for a total loan amount of $35,616
  • So, you have $91,056 in total loan payments with principal and interest

However, you can consolidate both loans of $72,000 with a better interest rate, say 3.5% APR, for 10 years. That way, the loan will cost you $712 in monthly payments and $85,440 in principal and interest payments.

This means by refinancing and consolidating, you’re able to save over $5,500 over the loans. Plus, you only have to focus on one monthly payments, instead of two or more.

Of course, you can even see bigger savings with high-ticket items, such as mortgage for buying a home over longer loan terms (like 15 years, 30 years, etc.).

The top two best student loan refinance companies I recommend are:

Whereas, the top two best mortgage refinance companies are:

5. Deliver Food for Local Restaurants

You might have ordered pizza from your local pizza place, and got it delivered to your home. These pizza places get a lot of orders for deliveries like this, and so it makes business sense for them to have delivery people on staff.

How about restaurants who don’t get that high volume of delivery orders to justify hiring delivery folks? For the most part, you’ll need to dine in or come pick up your order.

This is where you come in. You can sign up with food delivery apps like Grub Hub, Door Dash, and Post Mates. These apps notify you when a restaurant near you needs food delivered. And all you need do is pick up the food from the restaurant, and deliver it.

So, just like Uber. But instead of moving people from place A to B, you’re delivering food from restaurant to destination.

Sign up to become a food driver, and you can even be flexible with your delivery times, so you only get pinged when you’re available to deliver food.

Here are the food delivery apps so you can sign up:

6. Get Paid to Work as a Pinterest VA

When you think of Pinterest, you typically recall images of cute recipes, inspiring home decor, or fun kids’ hobbies, but did you know you can make a lot of money on Pinterest?

Yes, you can – as a Pinterest VA.

A VA (virtual assistant) is someone who works remotely, that is, virtually, without the need for physical interaction.

So, a Pinterest VA is someone who works remotely while focusing mainly on the Pinterest platform.

Often times, you’ll be working with marketers, bloggers, and brands who want to reach the huge audience available on Pinterest.

As a Pinterest VA, you’ll be helping these business owners create graphics, attract people, and build an audience for their businesses using the Pinterest platform.

To get clients, go through Facebook groups that have business owners hanging out there, or talk to business owners and bloggers that you think might need this service. If you want more details on how to get started and even build a business as a Pinterest VA, then you’ll love the Pinterest VA course.

7. Get Free Cash from Microinvesting Apps

Before now, it used to be the case that only the big banks and billionaires can easily invest their money for better returns. Gone are those days.

Today, there are many companies now disrupting the financial service industry. These companies charge zero commissions while you use their microinvesting apps.

They are looking to put more power into the hands of new or everyday investor like you, so you can make money while you sleep and build long-term wealth.

I believe one of the best ways to make and master money is to actually invest it, so I’m going to go a step further here and give you the best ELEVEN microinvesting apps that you can start using today.

Many of these microinvesting apps have goodies you’ll be getting once you start using their apps (such as Acorns – $5; Robinhood – one free stock; Webull – 6 free stocks, when you refer 2 friends).

8. Sell on Etsy / Shopify / Amazon Handmade / Art Fire

If you make gifts and crafts, handmade products, or vintage-inspired items like clothes, jewelry, handbags, totes, home decor, kitchen utensils, beauty products, or other cool material, then there are remarkable platforms specifically designed for you to sell your wares.

These stores let you display your stuff and get paid when someone buys. These stores are:

With these platforms, you can easily set up an online store or sell your digital products.

Closing Thoughts

If you need money asap, then my goal is to make this list your go-to guide for coming up with fast money-making ideas.

Even if you’re still deciding on which method to use to generate quick cash, know that time waits for no one. You only need to start with one, run with it, and see where the path leads.

As you test out these ideas, you’ll start to see what sticks for you, and how you can even modify things to suit your income goals. Because there’s only so much you can save. At some point, you’ll need to launch out there and get quick cash.

I hope, with this article, you can see exactly how to make that money come in – fast, so you can get into action now.

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