What Side Hustles Are You Planning to Start?

Each time R and I talk about our student loans, we often come back to the need to start doing more jobs on the side. We’ve looked at analyzing our budget, saving more, and only getting the things that we need – not want. But we now realize – all of that work is good, but it doesn’t address the big elephant in the room – which is, we actually have to start making more money, before we can think of mastering that money.

That said, neither of us are big spenders. Granted, I didn’t grow up with much, and so I have a hard time spending money on ‘non-essentials’ like clothes or household equipment. But we’re pretty much on the same page, when it comes to what to buy, and what not to buy.

So I’ve been digging to find a few side jobs that I can do. Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with:

  • Running Facebook and Google ads for small (brick-and-mortar) businesses. With this, I have two main challenges: 1) deciding how much I have to know before getting started; 2) where to find clients
  • Tutoring specific subjects (e.g. math, stats, engineering or GRE). I’ve checked a few tutoring sites (including Chegg, Kaplan, and Manhattan Prep). I was accepted into Chegg, and neither Kaplan nor Manhattan Prep are presently hiring tutors. I do get email notifications from Chegg, asking if I’m available to tutor certain subjects (Math, Environmental Engineering, etc.), and then when I click onto the website, it says ‘Sorry, no open opportunities at this time.’ So, I’m thinking of getting more active on Chegg, instead of waiting for students to find me
  • Freelance writing for specific industries like digital marketing and personal finance. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I can definitely see myself writing for businesses to bring in more leads and sales. Don’t get me wrong – there are days when I don’t feel inspired to write, but I’ve found that, once I quit every distraction, focus on one topic, and sit at my desk, the inspiration comes sooner or later. Similar to running Facebook ads, the main challenge I have here is: how to get my first client, and maintain a consistent flow of clients. This week, I plan to start breaking down these challenges into manageable steps, and following through on each small step… in a gradual and steady way.

Over to you: Are you at a point right now where you feel you need to do better with your savings? Or your main goal now is to earn more? What side jobs are you planning to start?

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