When Will You Start Getting Your Financial Act Together?

Today, we’re looking at the 4th & 5th paragraphs in Chapter 1 of Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money. And here’s my lesson for the day:

You can start getting your financial act together today.

Chapter 1, titled Super Saving: Common Sense for Your Dollars and Cents, continues with how Dave transitioned from one of the darkest moments of his life into stepping into his life’s purpose.

That’s right: he went from getting very dangerously close to bankruptcy… to going out on total crusade to help people win the game of money.

But for Dave to have made that transition from shame to action… from having regrets to taking responsibility… from weeping on the sidelines to getting on the field to play, it took the realization that he could start getting his financial act together… right there and then.

For Dave, hitting rock bottom was the nudge that sent him on that journey of learning everything he could about money.

In other words, hitting rock bottom was his wake-up call to start getting his finances in order.

Question is: What’s going to be your wake-up call?

So, I ask you: what’s going to be your wake-up call to start getting your financial act together?

  • Will you suddenly realize how much student debt you owe, and see the need to start taking action?
  • Would it take you expecting a baby, for you to start cutting back on your expenses and looking for ways to earn more?
  • Would it take you getting into a life-threatening emergency (God forbid), for you to start setting your financial house in order?
  • Would it take you having to get an emergency medical procedure, for you to actively start working on your finances?
  • Would it take you making catastrophic real estate mistakes, for you to start learning how this whole personal finance thing works?
  • Would it take you getting dangerously close to bankruptcy and almost losing your home/investments, for you to start thinking of practicing better financial habits?
  • Would it take you losing your job or streams of income, for you to start looking at better ways to save more and spend less?
  • Would it take you being unable to come up with a $1,000 expense, for you to start that journey towards financial literacy and mastery?

What’s it going to take, my friend?

As you ponder on that question, know this: whatever it’s going to take, know that you can start getting your financial act together today… right now.

For me, it took R and I realizing how much debt we have between us ($90k), to realize something had to change… and that we needed conscious, deliberate efforts to start our journey towards complete financial freedom.

For Dave, it took him losing his entire real estate portfolio and inching very closely to bankruptcy, to realize he needed to get his financial act together… and that he needed to find out everything he could about how to truly handle money.

For you, it took you […..]…

… I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

Find a “big-enough” reason to make that commitment to getting your finances in order.

On a brighter note, whatever you decide to fill inside the blanks, know this: you can actually turn financial disasters into fortunes for yourself… if you have the right behaviors towards those very low moments in your life.

Here’s the deal:

You only need to adjust your perspective, and realize your financial failure can actually propel you out of the rut you’re in… so you can set yourself on a path to money mastery and financial freedom.

Yes, it’s possible.

I know: you don’t ever want to deliberately dig yourself into a financial hole…

But now that you’ve found yourself in one, you can keep blaming yourself, your surroundings, the economy, your family, your boss, or [insert anyone / anything here]…

… or you can simply let that unfortunate experience set you on a path to making a turn-around and taking charge of your financial life.

As you start your journey onward to financial mastery, know that you’ll experience new setbacks, frustrations, false starts, but none of this matters if you’ll simply keep going…

… if you’ll simply keep going… and not stop.

But first, you need to actually start.

It’s very possible: You can start getting your financial act together today… now.

So, start right now.

That’s all for today, my friend. We’ll be continuing with the next section on Page 6 of the book tomorrow.

See you then.


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