Why Being “Weird” And “Crazy” Will Do Wonders For Your Personal Finance

Today, we’re looking at a very powerful concept regarding your personal finance…

… so powerful that once you really understand this concept, it becomes easier for you to thrive in lasting wealth and true financial peace.

Right now, we’re in the main section of Page 22, under the title ‘It’s Up to You’, in Chapter 1 of Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money.

And my lesson for the day is in the form of a question:

“Normal” personal finance habits lead to being broke; whereas “weird” financial practices will result in you winning with money.

So: “do you want to be normal and broke, or to be weird and win with money?”

You choose.

How many times have we tried to justify a purchase or a splurge, by telling ourselves: “oh, that’s perfectly normal”; or “everyone does that”…?

… for example, you truly know you didn’t need that pair of sneakers, but because your Instagram feed is filled with your friends, who are rocking that latest pair of Nike or Footaction sneakers…

… you’ve justified that purchase for yourself, saying: “All of my friends are getting that latest Nike, and I don’t want to be weird or crazy or something.”

Well, that kind of habit is the “normal.” Which means it’s that kind of habit that leads people to being broke all the time.

Because here’s the deal”

If you’re going to take charge of your financial life, make the necessary sacrifices, and get disciplined about your money…

… be assured: people will think you’re weird and crazy!

According to Dave: “You’ll be taking a stand and practically every store, business, ad campaign, and most of your friends will try to convince you why you’re crazy.”

But it’s up to you to know this: that kind of pressure is perfectly fine, and you should totally expect it.

What millions of people take as “normal” in America are actually bad financial habits…

… that lead many people to being broke and always living paycheck-to-paycheck.

People, your friends, the media, your co-workers, even popular finance sites, will tell you that it’s totally normal to let lose… and live this your one life the way you want to live it…

… but they would forget to tell you where that would lead: constantly worrying about money, being broke, and always being in debt and at the mercy of loan sharks… is no fun, at all.

So, my friend, it’s totally perfect to go against the grain. To be the “new normal.”

It’s totally okay to be the odd one out when it comes to your personal finances, doing what most people are not doing…

… so you can get the winning financial results that most people aren’t getting, but can only dream about.

Let’s go through some popular and “normal” financial habits that always get people in broke mode:

  • It’s not ‘normal’ to use credit cards to pay for things you can’t pay for in cash. If you can’t pay for it in cash, you can’t afford it
  • It’s not ‘normal’ to take out loans and go into debt, so you can go to college. Hundreds of thousands of people apply to hundreds of scholarships, and look for other initiatives to avoid future setbacks and worries with those ‘innocent-looking’ student loans
  • It’s not ‘normal’ to save $0 every month. It’s a smart financial habit to save first, then spend the rest, and not the other way around
  • It’s not ‘normal’ to have no money in your beginner and full emergency funds. That kind of habit is risky, and it’s why a lot of folks are only an emergency away from going into debts, money panic, and frustration
  • It’s not ‘normal’ to have two or more cars in your household. You can totally live as a family with one car, and then transfer the money you’d have used to buy and maintain a second car into your savings
  • It’s not ‘normal’ to borrow money. Look for ways to either forgo that expense, or if you really need the item, find a way to make more money so you’d be able to afford the item
  • It’s not ‘normal’ to spend more than you make. Just because you got a raise or a salary bump doesn’t mean your standard of living should skyrocket as well

These are things that society, our friends, TV ads, and the media tell us are totally ‘normal.’

But, if you want to win with money…

… you’ll need to move away from ‘normal’, and move more towards ‘crazy’ and ‘weird’.

Because if you choose to do the other parts in the examples I listed above, people will call you ‘crazy’ and ‘weird’…

… but that’s fine, because, according to Dave:

“If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”

So, where do you stand?:

“Normal” personal finance habits lead to being broke; whereas “weird” financial practices will result in you winning with money.

So: “do you want to be normal and broke, or to be weird and win with money?”

What do you say?

And even more importantly…

… Can you go out today, and exercise the discipline and sacrifice you need to master those habits that let you win with money?

The ball is totally in your court…

… to do the things that are not easy or convenient, but will do wonders for your personal finances!

That’s all for today, my friend. We’ll continue in the main section of Page 23 of the book tomorrow.

See you then.


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