Why I’m Reading & Writing About Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money

As someone who grew up in Nigeria and now live in the U.S., one of the biggest industries that always seem vague to me is the finance industry. I understand the finance industry is such a big and enormous one, that when the industry sneezes, the whole country pretty much catches cold.

And I see why.

Take personal finance for example.

As a high school student going to college in America, the primary goal of applying to schools and getting that college education is to get a good-paying job thereafter. We can talk about meeting new people, building networks, and better shaping our perspective of the world around us, but if we have to be real for a moment…

… the main goal of going to college is to make money and lead better lives thereafter.

And so, we see money as one of the key underlying factors for why we make so many decisions that we make in our daily lives.

  • What major to study
  • What school to attend
  • What internships / jobs to apply for
  • What roles to take
  • Sometime, who to marry
  • Where to settle down
  • And on and on

And all of this ties around the whole premise of personal finance: being able to save money, spend money, and build wealth the smarter way.

We get a job so we can make money. But just making money doesn’t mean we’ll automatically build wealth and make riches.

  • We need to know what to do with that money (information)
  • We need to use that money the right way (behavior)

I enjoy reading and talking about personal finance, and I realize the system of personal finance is not necessarily the same as the system of personal finance in America. In other words, if I want to make smarter financial decisions and build lasting wealth, I need to learn from those who have done it.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants – Issac Newton

So, the next questions becomes: “who’s that personal finance giant in America that I can learn from?”

I looked everywhere – I read blogs, finance news sites, listened to podcasts, watched YouTube videos. In all, one name kept coming up – Dave Ramsey.

I dug in and started binge watching his YouTube channel: The Dave Ramsey Show.

I gotta tell you: it’s one of my favorite channels ever. Not just for me, but it’s one of the channels that R and I spend a lot of time on.

On that YouTube channel, we watch and listen to real stories from people trying to make difficult financial decisions, and we enjoy listening to how Dave uses his experiences to make such challenging decisions easy to navigate.

So far, here’s what we’ve talked about:

  • I KNOW I need to learn a lot about personal finance
  • I found Dave Ramsey as a credible source to learn from

So the next question becomes: why am I reading and writing about Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money?

Good question, here are three reasons why:

Reason #1: Keeps me accountable

I can’t remember for how long the book has been sitting on our bookshelves, but often times, I tell myself that I need to start reading it, but:

  • I either flip through a few pages and drop it afterwards, or
  • Just ‘plan’ to read, and never actually start reading

Either way, I needed to change my approach.

So I figured I would start reading the book, noting the ideas that stand out to me, and sharing my lessons and experiences so far on that idea on this blog.

I plan to keep doing this on a regular basis, and I hope you can also join me on this journey

Reason #2: See how far I’ve come

Even though I know I need to learn more about personal finance, each time, I feel like I don’t know enough to make personal finance decisions.

Now, that may be because:

  1. I truly don’t know enough – in which case, I need to learn
  2. Or that I know enough to serve as a foundation – and just need to handle money more to put what I’ve learned to practice

At this point, I’d go with No. 1 and say that I need to learn more.

The problem with wanting to learn more however is that: you never feel like you’re ready. You keep learning but often times, never have the full confidence to make those smarter financial decisions that you should make.

And so that holds you back.

But by reading and writing about the book, I would not only learn the concepts, but I’ll also need to come up with new ways to explain the concepts to myself in a way that I understand and that can stick with me for life.

So reading and writing about the book helps me solidify my learning and track my progress. That way, I can see how far I’ve come, which will then motivate me to learn and do more.

So there you have it: my 2 main reasons for reading & writing about Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money.

If you’ll like to follow along and also share your thoughts and experiences on lessons from the book, please join me. I’d love to have you here. Just keep checking this blog regularly for updates and new posts. Think of this as our little book club.

To read my latest posts on the book, just use the search box at the top of this site, and type in: “Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money.”

You can get the book – Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money on Amazon here.


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